You can use reusable coffee pods in a Keurig

Both a conventional brewed coffee maker and these refillable cups function exactly the same way as their commercial equivalents. That is, you add ground coffee to the cup in the same way you would a filter in a typical drip coffee maker. The Keurig follows that by pushing hot water through it. In the end, the coffee spills into your cup. You only have one cup of coffee instead of a complete pot.

Brewing a full cup of coffee

For instance, occasionally I would barely receive six or eight ounces of the 10-ounce coffee I ordered. When my cup simply didn’t seem to be full enough, I did indeed pull out a measuring cup. This is how I discovered that using fewer coffee grounds in the reusable cup actually improved my performance. In other words, when I prepared more cups of coffee, I was able to get the requisite 10 ounces by keeping the coffee grinds level to below the stainless steel mesh line.

How much to fill the K cup

There is a way to make coffee without any grounds in the brewed cup. And that’s it: only fill the reusable coffee pods for keurig with liquid up to the level of the stainless steel mesh. Any higher and the water can overrun the top, contaminating your coffee with coffee grounds. A fuller K cup also took longer to brew and occasionally didn’t provide me the number of ounces I’d chosen on the machine.

How to clean reusable K cup

After using a reusable K cup to brew your coffee, cleaning it is quite simple. One option is to place it on your dishwasher’s top rack. Alternately, you might wash it by hand at the sink before filling it up once more. For hand washing dishes, I have a dish brush that works great in the reusable K cup.

Best ground coffee for a reusable K cup

I’ll confess that Keurig coffee makers don’t produce the world’s best coffee. I even have the support of the New York Times. So long as you use the appropriate kind of coffee grounds, you can make an excellent cup of brew. And I’ve discovered that the darkest ground coffee works best in a re-usable K cup.