What is an Eve NG Azure?

Network engineers and administrators often choose EVE-NG to design, test and troubleshoot network infrastructure (Next Generation Emulated Virtual Environment). It is a leading platform for network virtualization that allows users to create and manage virtual networks using KVM, Docker, and VMware, among other virtualization tools.

However, as cloud computing becomes increasingly popular, network engineers can now troubleshoot complex network infrastructure without using actual hardware. EVE NG Azure adds another level of customization and scalability to network simulation and testing by integrating with Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.


EVE-NG Azure allows users to store network infrastructure diagrams and configurations in the cloud, making them available from any location with internet access.

It is especially useful for remote teams or anyone needing on-demand network testing access. Users can quickly add or remove resources as needed without having to deal with the maintenance and storage of the actual equipment.

EVE-NG Azure customers can quickly test and deploy virtual machines, switches, and routers with access to Microsoft Azure cloud resources.

Before real-world deployment, they can simulate complex network design scenarios, including multi-vendor configurations. It greatly reduces the possibility of costly errors and downtime, allowing for more efficient network infrastructure management.

Another big advantage is the affordable price of EVE-NG Azure. Users can quickly scale capacity up or down as needed, paying only for the resources they use. Compare that to physical devices with high upfront costs and recurring maintenance expenses.

Additionally, EVE-NG offers enhanced security features to protect network design and configuration stored in the Azure cloud. Microsoft Azure provides industry-leading security, data encryption, and access controls to secure private network setups.

Depending on your needs, you can scale your network architecture up or down with EVE-NG. By adding more VMs, RAM, and storage to your EVE-NG lab with Azure, you can quickly scale it to meet your growing network needs.

Azure provides various tools and services to enhance your experience with EVE-NG, such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Network, Azure Storage, and Azure SQL Database.