What Do You Prefer For Your Engagement Ring- White or Yellow Gold?

White gold is one of the most preferred choices among men and women for wedding bands. But, has it ousted yellow gold? There are numerous reasons white gold is a famous choice as the metal for an engagement ring. The primary reason is that it is elegant, versatile, and easy to take care of. But is it better than yellow gold? Let’s see.


White gold is a mixture of pure gold and other metal such as palladium, nickel, or silver. The other metals are mixed to give the white tone to the yellow gold. Even when the other metals are mixed, the resulting color is dull gray to brownish yellow. To achieve the white luster, rhodium plating is necessary. The pure gold added to the mixture is measured in karats.


The white gold is not as pure as the yellow one. But as it is pure, the yellow gold is naturally softer. Since white gold is created by mixing other metals, it is a hard and durable option. It is more resistant to scratches and any other damage. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a wedding band that will last a lifetime.


The white color of the metal has a neutral, silvery shade that is versatile and amplifies the center stone. It is said that the gemstones set in the ring reflect the color of the metal in which it is set. If it is a white silvery metal, there are no noticeable color differences in the stones. For those who want to showcase the brilliance of the gemstones, white gold is a perfect choice. It is a popular choice, as it can be matched with any dress and jewelry.


White gold is a cost-effective alternative to platinum. For those who love platinum wedding bands but have a budget constraint, white gold can be a good alternative. Since it is popular, there are different styles of white gold engagement rings available. They will have enough choices for their wedding bands.


As gold is yellow naturally, the white color achieved by rhodium plating tarnishes over time. The pale-yellow color will start to appear after a year of daily use. Periodic re-plating can solve this problem and help to keep the silvery-white color intact.

Another problem with white gold is that people who are allergic may have a problem wearing the metal. As other metals like nickel, zinc, silver, or palladium are used in creating, they can easily irritate the skin. If you have any of these allergies, it is best to see if white gold suits you before you purchase a white gold ring for the wedding.

Which color should you choose? Is it white or yellow gold to tie the knot in style?

If you are in love with vintage and classic style, the yellow gold engagement ring is the one that will suit you most. And if you are considering something modern, sleek, yet bright engagement ring, white gold is an obvious choice. Whatever metal you choose, the design of your engagement ring must reflect the style, personality, and commitment of you and your partner.