What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Heart-shaped Loose Diamonds?

Diamonds do not have to be round or oval-shaped anymore. You can create a fancy shape and bewilder the world too. Again, you are likely to be spoilt for choice when you ask for a fancy cut. There are too many to consider. You may get confused between different types of cuts more often than not. One of the best shapes that spell romance is the heart-shaped diamond.

Remember that you are wearing the most precious gift of your partner on your petite finger. The link is evident, thus making the heart-shaped diamond highly popular as engagement and wedding rings. No worries, you are welcome to wear the heart diamond as a pendant while you may also find it irresistible to use the brilliant heart-shaped stone on your bracelet and display the heart on your sleeve.

The possibilities are endless. But you must first check the associated facts and proceed to order one. How do you identify a heart-shaped diamond? Remember, the likeness to a heart may not be apparent immediately, and the jeweler may only suggest a hint of the heart in its shape. It would not do to get misled, however. On the contrary, ask to see a range of heart shaped loose diamonds and match the specifications to find whether the cut resembles a heart.

It is amazing to learn that this particular shape consists of seven distinct features. Some of the facts that you must be able to identify in an authenticated heart diamond include: –

There will be a distinct cleft where the point is inwards. You will find it at the top of the diamond.

You will also see a pair of rounded edges, again on the upper part of the stone.

The central part is the broadest and thus referred to it as the belly.

Look for identical wings on either side of the diamond

The lowermost part of this diamond culminates in a point

Well, you do not have to focus on the 4 Cs when you want to source a loose heart-shaped diamond. Determine the shape you like best as with other fancy cuts. Some of the things that you must check carefully are the following: –

Symmetry- the uniformity of the stone must please you. Since you do not have to match it with a specific grading, you may opt for a cut chubby and rounded or one elongated. The ultimate choice is yours. However, both sides of the heart stone should be uniform.

Cleft- The point should be well-defined. Or else you may end up buying a pear-shaped diamond by mistake. The cleft does not have to be so sharp that it pricks your finger though. Instead, look for a cleft that will be instantly recognizable.

Lobes & Wings- These should be well-defined and appear apparent immediately. Both these parts make the shape stand apart from other fancier shapes.

It is always advisable to invest in heart-shaped loose diamonds instead of buying a ring or any other piece of jewelry.