We Have The Best Coated Abrasive Products

To satisfy the request of consumers for high-quality abrasive Wheels at competitive rates, we decide to give the combination of quality and cost composed, and that superb desire has been the concept to create our Brand. Our coated abrasive manufacturers are well-trained and our talented staff and skilled workers are there for better processing during production. It is our attempt that, every supply should be approved for future supply. Best Quality and on-time delivery are of prime position for us. We keep severe vigil to protect quality right from buying raw material to dispatching our finished products. We have equipped and modern Lab to check the raw material and finished products. We are committed to on-time delivery, reliable quality, and well-organized service backup.

Our services:

We provide quality abrasives for guaranteeing reliable consistent and effective grinding, polishing, and deburring processes. We offer an extensive portfolio with deep application to know how to select the correct product and process across an extensive variety of materials and finish necessities. We provide an individual, customer precise analysis to reach enhanced solutions for each requirement. Our engineers are qualified and highly skilled in all areas.

We have expertise in

• Material knowledge like Steel, Aluminium, Non-Ferrous, Hard wood, Laminates, etc.
• Application knowledge like Centreless, Grinding, Back Stand, Power Tool, Robotic Crushing, and Deburring.
• Product knowledge like Association with Global Technology bests in Abrasives
• Industry knowledge like Crucial necessities and specific problems
• Process knowledge like Grinding Process Parameters
• Our Coated Abrasive Belts for numerous Stock Removal and Surface Texture necessities are:
• Flat Exterior Grinding of steel, metals, wood, composites, and solid surface materials
• Tubular Grinding of wires, and tubes.
• Off-Hand Crushing using held grinding, and back stands
• Robotic Crushing

Features of our abrasive products

• We have Zirconia Alumina Abrasive
• Our products help in Aggressive stock removal
• Our products have Long Service Life
• Our products have Continuous self-sharpening
• Our products have enhanced Surface Quality