The Apostille is Used to Authenticate a Document before Using it in Another Nation

In order for a UK document to be accepted when it is presented in a country other than the UK, the UK Apostille Stamp confirms the authenticity of the signature, seal, or stamp on the document.

What form does the apostille take?

The actual certificate is printed on a 15 cm piece of paper. After the paper has been firmly affixed to another document, a government crest is embossed on it using an embossing device, frequently referred to as an apostille seal or apostille stamp. Having a document “apostilled” is a popular way to refer to it. For digital certifications, the apostille attests to the legitimacy of an electronic document. As legal documentation, your application must have an electronic or paper copy Apostille. It confirms the signature or stamp on a document and comprises of an attached certificate and the embossed seal of the government.

Frequently, the certificate is affixed to the document’s back. When a document has print on both sides, the most acceptable spot may be determined to be on the front. Apostille UK certifies that your document is legitimate in order to certify the validity and authenticity of UK documents for use abroad.

What Must I Understand About the UK Apostille?

Before legalizing your documents with Apostille UK, ascertain whether they need notary certification. Notarization is frequently required for documents that will be used abroad or for authenticating document copies. If a document will be used outside of the country after being notarized by a Notary Public, apostilling may be necessary. To do this, the document must receive an apostille stamp, a legalization certificate, or the certification of the Notary’s seal and signature. The document might then need to be validated by the consulate of that country if the nation in which it will be used is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. Any document can be certified by a Public Notary or a Solicitor if needed. Most UK company documents can be legalized by simply emailing them to us scanned and with your contact information or the Company House business information included.