Step-by-Step Guide, How Can I Change My Child’s Name Legally in the UK

How to change name is a common concern among a good number of people in the UK. They often look for the right answers for their queries like, “How can I change my child’s name in the UK”. Changing a child’s name in the UK involves a legal process that must be followed carefully.

The best way is to consult with the experts and get a complete guide.

Eligibility and Consent

Before proceeding, ensure that all those with parental responsibility agree to the name change. If one parent opposes, a court order may be necessary.

Obtaining a Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a legal document that proves a change of name. To obtain one, you can use an official service or draft your own with a solicitor’s guidance.

Parental Responsibility Agreement

If all those with parental responsibility agree to the name change, a Parental Responsibility Agreement can be executed. This document is submitted along with the Deed Poll application.

Court Order

If there’s disagreement among those with parental responsibility, a court order may be required. Courts consider the child’s best interests, and legal advice is crucial in such cases.


Inform relevant authorities of the name change, such as the child’s school, doctor, and passport office. Provide them with copies of the Deed Poll or court order.

Updating Official Documents

Apply for updated official documents like a new passport, driving license, and medical records. This ensures the new name is recognized in various contexts.

Maintaining Records

Keep copies of all documentation related to the name change, as they may be required for future reference.

Changing a child’s name in the UK involves legal processes to ensure the child’s best interests are considered. Seeking legal advice and following the proper channels is essential for a smooth and lawful name change.