Significance of GIA-Certified Diamonds

Buying a diamond is not that simple. Be meticulous about it when you are eager to obtain value for money. Sure, you have read the details and know how to check the four Cs before making the final decision. Yet you cannot be convinced about your abilities and look for some endorsement. Try to source one of the GIA Certified Diamonds, for it is the only accepted way of authenticating a gemstone.

You would be interested to learn that a certified diamond indicates that the beautiful gemstone has undergone intense testing methods, and graded on all aspects. Do not expect your favorite jeweler to present you with a certificate or report detailing the qualities and flaws. Instead, you will learn that the certification is provided by a third party recognized on basis of its report.

While there are multiple laboratories across the world that certifies diamonds, the GIA, or the “Gemological Institute of America” is deemed to be the most trustworthy of the lot. You will therefore hear of the GIA certification that has become synonymous with superior-quality diamonds.

Important Facts related to GIA certified diamonds

The term itself is a misnomer for the GIA grades the diamonds and does not offer a certificate of authenticity. The report provided is based on the assessment of the diamond. Moreover, the document is simply a report and not a certificate.

The GIA evaluates the diamond based on all four Cs. The standard of assessing the gemstone created by the GIA does not follow the norms of other laboratories. However, GIA is now held in high esteem so far as the evaluation of a diamond is concerned.

The right procedure to read a GIA report

Strangely not all reports provided by the GIA are identical. Instead, the GIA will create the report based on the specifications the owner requires after checking the features of the diamond sent to the laboratory.

You would be able to obtain any of the following GIA reports when you want to grade the diamond(s) and evaluate it.

Grading Report– The diamond experts assess all four Cs closely and make the report. This procedure is only applicable to diamonds of 0.15-carat weight or more.

Origin Report– This report contains a detailed assessment of all four Cs, along with the geographical origin of the stone. The diamond of 0.15-carat weight or more bears a tiny laser inscription stating the number.

Dossier– A detailed document bearing information about the four Cs, along with the laser inscription number and other details is provided with the report. It is applicable for diamonds weighing 0.15 to 1.99 carats.

e-Report– This is an electronic report accessible online. It contains all the aforementioned information and serves as a ready reckoner.

Make sure to ask for a focus report when you are interested in evaluating loose diamonds that weigh less than 0.40 carats.

You may also go through the samples of GIA Certified Diamonds on the lab’s website.