Selecting The Right Men’s Wedding Bands

When it comes to men’s wedding bands, why should women have all the fun? No one said that girls can get the best wedding bands in terms of style or value. Men too should not settle for anything plain. Here you will find some important points about wedding bands for men so you can make a practical and trendy choice for your groom.

Are bands for men traditional?

Not everything is traditional, as in the case of men’s wedding band, which only started featuring in the 1920s. Later, married soldiers who went to fight in World War II started wearing wedding bands, so that they could always remember their dear wives. Later, members of the British royal family popularized metals like platinum for wedding bands, and taking cue common men too started sporting metals other than gold or silver.

Choosing the right wedding band

You should first be aware of the activities a groom enjoys before selecting the wedding band. If the guy is laid back and does not indulge in sports or outdoor activities, you can choose a diamond ring with some fine detailing. However, if he is the sporty sort, then it would be safer to opt for a lightweight yet sturdy metallic band. Additional embellishment would be more prone to damage given his active lifestyle.

Who should make the move?

Here we don’t follow any rules. The groom can buy it himself, but it would be more fun if the couple went shopping together. It could also be a loving gift from the bride. Everything depends on their choices. Just make sure the size and fit of the ring are perfect, and the diamond is of the best quality.

Diamond Wedding Bands for Men

Their durability and style make diamonds the perfect choice for men. Before settling for one make sure you are well-versed with GIA certification, and the 4Cs of diamond namely cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Diamond Cuts for Men

The cut of a diamond determines the beauty and brilliance of the diamond. So you need to choose the cut keeping this in mind and also the preference of the groom. The best-suited cuts are the emerald cut, Asscher, cushion, radiant, and round cuts.

Adding Some Gemstones for Extra Spark

If the groom has a colorful and lively nature you can also choose designs with a combination of diamonds and precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, garnet, spinel, tourmaline, topaz or any even his birthstone.

Precious Metals to Choose from

The newer trends are white gold, platinum, and rose gold. In the last few years, our modern men have got hooked to the trendy designs set in the cool white metals. Although many consider rose gold to be feminine, the deeper tones look quite smart on men. Now yellow gold is a metal that has been used for ages and men who love antiquity, history and love everything about past grandeur will love all forms of gold. To make a striking statement one can even combine two metals like white gold with yellow gold or platinum with rose. Having learned of all this, now you just need to choose the right jeweler and the rest will fall into place.