Reasons To Get A Marquise-cut Diamond For Engagement

The stunning clear stone reflecting light through multiple facets has wowed humankind from the dawn of civilization. The beautiful diamond is now synonymous with all joyous occasions, particularly engagements and weddings. You would be impressed by the sheer variety of gorgeous diamonds when you go shopping for a ring or a loose diamond. Do not be fixated on the traditional round-shaped diamond, however. You will likely find the marquise cut diamond intensely appealing and lose to your heart.

Sure, there is a reason for its popularity. It makes your finger look slender lending it a sophistication that is hard to come by. The marquise cut can be described as a cut with modified brilliance. It contains two distinct points at each end. The surface in between is a trifle elongated with light being reflected through almost all its facets. Its popularity has been undiminished from the day it was first fashioned.


You may want to revisit the history of this exquisite cut diamond if you are eager to learn more about it. It suffices to know that the first-of-its-kind was known to be of Navette shape, which means little boat. It is not surprising, for the best-cut marquise diamond looks similar to the hull of a boat. However, the real inspiration behind this pretty shape is a pair of lips. It was first cut to form the shape of Marquise Madame Pompadour’s beautiful and shapely lips. The lady in question had been a mistress of King Louis XV, the King of France. Marquise cut diamond thus found its way into the fingers of royalty as early as the 18th century.

The cut that is popular at present first came into vogue in 1960. It remained the first choice of the rich and famous throughout the 1970s. The popularity even reached the height of fame in the 1980s.

Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring Settings

You are likely to find the marquise-cut diamond fashioned into a solitaire ring. It captures instant attention thanks to the brilliance of the cut. Besides, the unique shape will make your fingers look slender. Sure, a classic brilliant cut will have an increased sparkle, but many women wearing this cut prefer their fingers to look elegant as opposed to additional sparkle. However, you will be equally pleased with the marquise cut when it forms a part of a two or three-stone ring. A center stone set perfectly with small-sized accent stones of marquise cut works brilliantly.

Some of the other settings deemed to be appropriate for the marquise cut gemstone include: –

A prong setting- It reflects more light making the diamond dazzle. The stone appears larger and remains secure in such a setting.

Halo Setting- The center diamond is emphasized with the brilliance being enhanced. Such a setting can be cost-effective when you are eager to own a marquise-cut diamond engagement ring.

Bezel setting- This is a protective setting for the diamond that has both the points secured and saved from sudden impact

Make sure to select the right diamond when you want a marquise cut to ensure beauty, security, and ROI.