Our Specific Underfloor Heating Services

Our qualified underfloor heating technicians have worked with underfloor heating systems for more than ten years. Our experts can install, service, and maintain a variety of underfloor heating systems. We provide both electrical and water-based underfloor heating systems, depending on your needs.

There are numerous advantages to our Birmingham underfloor heating when compared to other forms of heating systems. From the reduced energy costs due to the more energy-efficient heating system to the enhanced comfort brought about by constant heat levels. Because of its reduced convection rates in comparison to, example, a conventional radiator, it also offers the benefit of having less draughts.

Unlike radiators, which only heat a small section of a space, underfloor heating effectively distributes heat throughout the space without producing dust. Furthermore, when implemented with the appropriate levels of insulation, both electrical and water underfloor heating systems have the potential to provide a heating solution that eventually saves customers more money and energy.

Water-Powered Underfloor Heating System

A wet underfloor heating system uses plastic pipes under the floor to pump warm water; these pipes are usually connected to the main central heating source. The expert will then connect your boiler to the underfloor heating system, which is normally dispersed via a manifold made of stainless steel. The most important part of the underfloor heating system is the manifold, which controls the flow, temperature, and direction of the hot water. The specialist will also install a thermostat so you can control the room’s temperature. The Energy Saving Trust recommended water underfloor heating since it is a more energy-efficient option than radiators.

Renewable Energy and Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an excellent choice for those who employ renewable energy sources, such as air source and ground source heat pumps, but are concerned about their environmental impact, because it doesn’t require high temperatures. The introduction of sustainable gas substitutes in place of mains gas in many new residential and commercial buildings makes underfloor heating an excellent choice.