Logistaas: Best Freight Forwarding And Shipping Software

Providing freight forwarders with top-notch technologies. LogistaaS is the leading cloud software program for small and medium freight forwarders wishing to boost their productivity through technology and optimize their day-to-day operations. We are user-friendly, built with cutting-edge technology, and integrated with numerous shipping and airlines.

With Logistaas you can:

Shipment data is electronically transferred to the agent at the destination.
Send shipping requests to more than 50 shipping lines, receive booking instructions, and track your shipments.
It is compatible with INTTRA and WinWebConnect.
Track your shipments and provide electronic airway bill data to over 90 airlines.

Every year, freight forwarders in 20 nations manage hundreds or even thousands of shipments with Logistaas.

Logistaas is one of the best Air freight forwarding software because Features for customer relationship management, shipments management, inquiries and offers management, and a digital customer portal are all part of the comprehensive LogistaaS system. It is also linked to more than 50 shipping lines and 90 airlines.

Key features for efficient workflow:

Document Generation: it Generates whatever document you require automatically.
Increased Efficiency: Avoid reworking by duplicating existing shipments and offers.
Reduce Data Entering: To reduce data entry, import shipping parties from previous shipments.
Offer Data: Data from offers is immediately imported into future shipments.
Tasks Management: It’s a tool for task management.
Shipping Status: It Checks and tracks the status of your shipment.

Overall the product offers everything that a freight forwarder needs.