Is It Safe To Remove The Parotid Gland With The Help Of Surgery?

The salivary gland is important for an individual. Among the most essential salivary glands is the parotid gland, which is located near the ear. It is the gland that lubricates the mouth, protects the teeth and also helps an individual in the digestion of the food. Moreover, this is a salivary gland that also fascinates the taste, but unfortunately, if an individual is suffering from cancer, then the parathyroidectomy surgery includes the removal of this gland. This surgery is risky but, it is the only thing to remove the tumour.

Some side effects which are associated with the removal of the parotid gland are:

This surgery makes the facial nerve weak. Sometimes, the surgeons need to remove this facial nerve along with the tumour to cure the individual stretching of the nerve that can result in weakness.

Therefore an individual who is going for the surgery of parotid and facelift should choose their surgeon carefully. Because it depends upon the surgery, whether an individual gets the benefit of the surgery or not. The precautions which the surgeon needs to take during the surgery are to identify the facial nerve and prevent any injury to the facial nerve which can lead to various side effects.

If an individual wants to choose a surgeon for his parotid and facelift then he should check whether the surgeon has the technical skills to operate and how many surgeries he had performed in the past.

The surgery of parotid and facelift is technically challenging. The doctor must have undergone the necessary training for the same. Moreover, if the doctor has training in head and neck surgery then it will be very good for an individual to choose that type of surgery.
An individual should ask about the surgery, before the surgery which methods he usually utilizes. After that, the individual must check the feedback given to him by the past patients so that the individual will not put his life at risk by choosing the wrong surgeon.

Final words

Surgery is one of the popular clinical procedures and it is difficult to perform the surgeries. But, the surgery of parotid and facelift is the toughest surgery ever. If the surgeon by mistake injures your facial nerve, then it will harm your appearance as well as develop many side effects associated with that, therefore, an individual should choose the right surgeon.