If You Must Visit Sex Websites, Here Are 7 Tips

Do not use your real name. You should avoid even utilizing the name of a friend, relative, or pet. Create an unusual username or alias.

Do not use your email address. Create a separate email address for usage on adult websites. Use Hotmail or Gmail, for example. They are both anonymous, free, and cannot be associated with you.

Always read a website’s privacy policies and terms of service. These pages should explain how the site will handle your personal information or refund request. Be wary if a website’s policy or terms page is excessively long, too short, ambiguous, overly Legal-sounding, or contains errors.

When making online payments, utilize an anonymous provider such as PayPal wherever possible. You wouldn’t give me your credit card information if I stopped you in the street. Similarly, if you must pay by credit card or bank account, you should research the website first. Learn about its payment policies as well. For example, if you intend to make recurring payments, be aware of how frequently the site will charge your credit card or bank account. It might not look good if your monthly statement has a dozen sexual transactions. Determine how payments will appear on your statement ahead of time.

When ordering pornographic goods, use a post box or a secret postal address instead of your home or work address. Never visit adult websites at your workplace or office. Unless, of course, you work in the adult industry.

After visiting an adult website, empty your browser’s cookie, cache, and history directories. You may simply learn how to do so by visiting the websites of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other browsers.

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