How To Pair Diamond Wedding Bands For Women With Engagement Ring

You must have gone through all the hassles of finding the perfect solitaire engagement ring. Well, some of you might have thought to customize it to make it look perfect and to meet the requirements of the setting, the shank, and the size of the diamond. You must have consulted the best jewelry designer to grab hold of the best engagement ring. Yes, you have been flaunting the ring for a long time but the time for your wedding is knocking at the door. It is time once again to go on a jewelry hunting spree but this time you have to keep your eyes on diamond wedding bands for women. Now the question is how to select a diamond wedding band that will go perfectly with your existing solitaire ring? You need not worry as the solitaire itself is such a classic and elegant design that it will match an array of pretty diamond wedding bands.

Some ideas to help you

Here are a few ideas that will help you make your pick with ease. You can choose from eternity wedding bands to shadow wedding bands, half eternity bands to tapered wedding bands, and pave diamond bands to bezel set bands. These are just some of the diamond styles to name a few and if you explore further the list would go on. These styles of wedding bands go well with solitaire settings, but diverse factors are also needed to be kept in mind which styling of a solitaire diamond engagement band goes alongside a diamond wedding band.

The width of the Wedding Band

You might be having several questions in your mind such as what should be the ideal width of the wedding band? Should be just like the engagement ring? It is best to avoid the same width as wearing two bands of different widths would have a more modern appeal. In case the width is the same you cannot tell apart from the other. Now the factors affecting your decision would differ if you wish to flaunt both the rings on the same finger. When wearing the rings on the same finger, width is given primary importance. Here the diamond wedding band will complement your engagement ring. Generally, solitaire engagement rings comprise a single diamond on a simple metal band. So, you should make sure that your precious diamond does not get overshadowed with a wedding bands of thicker width than another.

Factors to consider while choosing the band

The shape of your finger

The width and length of your finger are important factors in selecting the metal band. Those with long fingers are perfect for wider bands and thick bands also look good on slightly thick fingers. In case your fingers are short and slender you can reduce the width of the bands.

Size and weight of the diamond

If your diamond is more than one carat and the size is about 6.5mm then a thicker wedding band is good. Thinner bands are better for diamonds of lesser weight.

Which finger to choose?

When purchasing another diamond ring for your wedding you can wear it on the other hand. So if the left hand is for the engagement then the right will be for the wedding band. Or on your special day, you can remove the engagement ring for the day and wear the wedding band on the same finger. No matter what you do, the decision would be completely yours.