How to get Certificate Order Service

You can place an online or postal request for a replacement certificate through UK Official Records. We provide replacement UK certificates for England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and foreign registrations of UK citizens.

British Birth Certificate – A UK certificate with legalization is necessary. We have a committed research and legalization staff, you may relax knowing that your request will be handled immediately and effectively.

If you require a duplicate of a Certificate Order Service with Decree Absolute divorce certificate, contact UK Official Records.

Do you require a UK document that has been apostille-ed? A document known as an apostille attests to the reliability of a seal or signature on a certificate. Getting an Apostille is the procedure of legalization. Before enabling a UK document to be used for all the official purposes in another country, foreign authorities often require legalization. The following countries will accept apostille certificates provided by the UK without further authorization. It is possible to order a legalization service for the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, or Egypt.

We provide replacement birth, marriage, and death certificates from England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and the other nations indicated. Whether you need a replacement birth certificate for immigration, social security, or passport applications, or you need an international birth certificate to work outside the UK.

Why not benefit from this?

We are available to help you. The years supplied are not the only years we may search for birth, marriage, or death information. A birth entry or a birth extract is a verified copy of every certificate.A public index supplied by the GRO lists the fundamental details for each birth, marriage, and death registered in England and Wales from 1837. You can save money by providing more information about the index reference number, and the application procedure will go more quickly.