How to Find Unclaimed Estates in England

According to the available records, there are more than 7000 UK unclaimed estates in the UK. You could be the heir to an unclaimed estate of an estranged relative or perhaps someone you have lost touch with. The department of the Government known as the Treasury Solicitors Office has the responsibility of dealing the unclaimed estates in England.

An unclaimed estate or unclaimed inheritance occurs when someone dies intestate, or without a will. It can also happen when an old will is in place and the person’s intended beneficiaries have passed away.

An estate can go unclaimed for 12 years. it can be claimed for up to 30 years if proof and proper documentation can be produced. This really could be worth your while checking out.

You can adopt the right mode of search to find the best ways. The first one is Heir Hunters list of unclaimed estates and use their quick search tool that allows you to add the surname of the individual along with the place of birth or death if known and you will receive all results relating to that name, or you can view the entire list on the Government Website.

The rightful beneficiaries aren’t found in this time, if the estate remains unclaimed for more than 30 years. In that case, the estate and its entire value go to the crown or Bona Vacantia. You can check your eligibility for the unclaimed estates in England. For this, the best and convenient way is to go online and get assistance from top agencies. Fleetwood Heir Hunters is one such trusted name to find the details of unclaimed estates in England.