How Nonlucrative visa Spain is got

If you can sustain yourself, you are allowed to live in Spain with a non-lucrative Spanish person. If you are financially independent, the NLV is the most straightforward way to move to Spain because it doesn’t require any investments.

On the other hand, if you are employed by a company or working for yourself, you cannot work on a non-lucrative visa. The Non lucrative visa spain is sometimes referred regarded as a retirement visa due to its popularity among retirees.

Spain’s Non-Lucrative Visa Requirements

You are eligible to obtain a non-lucrative visa for Spain.

You don’t call the EU your home.

You want to remain in Spain indefinitely.

You are equipped to live on your own without having to work.

You have health insurance

You’ve never been taken into custody.

You travel to Spain frequently.

Financial Requirements for Non-Lucrative Visas to Spain

To apply for a non-lucrative visa to Spain, you must present evidence of sufficient money. The amount the Spanish government has set as the prerequisite for holders of non-lucrative visas to be able to remain in Spain. The Spanish non-lucrative visa is the best option for people who want to retire in Spain because you can easily complete the requirements provided you can demonstrate that you have enough money to live there. As a retiree, you must show that you have more than 27,792 euros in your bank account and 6,948,24 euros in monthly income for each person you wish to bring with you.

The non-lucrative visa does not allow you to work in Spain, and as a retiree, it is likely that you have no desire to do so. On a non-lucrative Spanish visa, retirees are permitted a one-year stay in Spain and a two-year extension. You are allowed to bring your immediate family members along once you have proven your ability to financially support them.