How legislation is done in the Embassy

Verifying your documents with the country that issued them ensures that they are legitimate and were transmitted correctly, which is a necessary step in the legalization process. To ensure that you can use your documents in Vietnam, the embassy will review and confirm them. Examples of commercial documents are name changes, incorporation certificates, registration certificates, and other business documents. Affidavits, powers of attorney, and contracts are a few types of legal documents, high school diplomas, GCSE and A-Level certificates, transcripts, degrees, and diplomas, letters of experience, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and police clearance certificates.

Here are some examples of the documents that may be required in Vietnam Embassy Legalisation. It should be noted that companies or officials participating in your move to Vietnam will provide you with a list of the documents you need. An official seal or stamp will be applied to your documents once the embassy has verified their authenticity.

How to Legalize at the Vietnamese Embassy

The process for legalizing documents at an embassy varies depending on the country in which they were issued. Nonetheless, the following is the standard procedure in the UK:

A lawyer or notary public must vouch for a document’s authenticity. This is typically a prerequisite to the legal recognition of a document. Certain documents, such birth certificates don’t require certification because they are usually signed by an official.  The second step is to obtain the Apostille stamp, which requires presenting the document to the UK Foreign and Development Office. The stamp functions essentially as a certificate attesting to the fact that a document was truly issued in the United Kingdom. Usually affixed to the back of the document, the apostille prevents information on it from being concealed. The document is ultimately delivered to the Vietnamese Embassy for legalization in order to finish the attestation process. The embassy staff’s stamp and seal verify the document’s authenticity and authorize its use in Vietnam.