Features of our Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The Round Cut Diamond is the most widely used diamond shape, and accounts for a sizable portion of all diamonds sold. According to information from diamond sellers, around two-thirds of buyers select the round cut when selecting a diamond. The round brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets and provides superb white light reflection. Round brilliant cuts have a traditional, timeless appeal and are frequently used in necklaces, engagement rings, and other fine jewellery.

Characteristics of a Round-Cut Diamond

The dimensions of an excellently cut round diamond are among the most striking characteristics of round-cut diamonds. It has

58 aspects

symmetrical, round shape

60% to 62.6 depth percent

Girdle, thin to somewhat thick

Why Do Round Diamond Engagement Rings Have Such a High Demand?

The most common diamond shape is the round cut. In fact, they account for over 60% of engagement rings and between two-thirds and seventy-five percent of all diamonds sold.

The following are the primary justifications why round-cut diamonds are so popular for engagement rings:

Round-cut diamonds have great beauty. They have 58 facets in their design, all of which reflect light back into your eyes. Diamond cutters have been honing the technique for cutting round diamonds for more than a century. Beautiful gemstones with a vintage aspect are the end result.

Brilliance: A diamond sparkles because of its brilliance. It is the amount of white light that reaches your eyes after reflecting off the diamond’s table. More brightness is produced by a round diamond’s optimal cut characteristics than by any other form.

The diamond’s uniqueness and beauty are enhanced by its tinted reflection. A round diamond with a superb cut exhibits a fantastic amount of fire.

Versatility: The round brilliant compliments many different styles, from trendy round-cut diamond rings to historic engagement rings, due to their traditional form. In pavé settings, round cut stones are frequently utilized for the side stones as well.