Features of gns3 bgp lab

Configure EVPN on GNS3 after experimenting with various devices, EVPN is a service that uses the gns3 bgp lab address family to offer the control plane for protocols like VPLS and Vxlan. Employ a data plane based on MPLS and begin an EVPN lab on XR devices because in the SP domain, XR devices are often where you will find the EVPN implementation, so starting there was a wise choice. However, for the two reasons, XR on GNS3 ended up being a huge disaster.

First, IOSXRv routers, and the BGP EVPN configurations are made. Set up l2transport, and intend to connect two CEs together using a layer 2 domain. However, it turned out that the IOSXRv router does not support L2VPN because it is a control plane-only router, and data plane support on a virtual router is required for bridging to function. Thus, trying the XRv9000 router was the next alternative.

How to set gns3 bgp lab

Move PEs to the XRv9000 router after installing the XRv9k router, which takes a long time to start up. VPLS is not supported on this platform, yet the configuration did not commit to that error. None of the virtual routers based on XR support l2vpn, supported.

This network is already set up for IP/MPLS, and MPLS is enabled on all OSPF-enabled interfaces. The OSPF is operating as IGP and the IP/MPLS configuration is good because all will be aware of how to accomplish it. Now, have the route reflector setup which is not a necessity in this case.