Just What Is A “Sex Dungeon” Anyway?

People’s interest in BDSM goes back decades, long before “Fifty Shades of Grey” introduced erotica into the beds of many Americans. Sadist author Marquis de Sade published his novella “Justine” in 1791. Though you’re ready to make the next step into this sensual and sensuous movement—even if many people still find the BDSM movement to be mostly fantastical—you may want to look into leasing or even creating a sex dungeon. This article serves as a beginner’s guide to the NYC dungeon.

A Sex Dungeon Is…What?

The common conception of a dungeon is that it is a subterranean chamber under a fortress. A sex dungeon is any indoor environment designed for BDSM play, kinky intimacy, or fetish experience; in contrast, a traditional dungeon is an underground place where captives are held. While Christian Grey’s “Red Room of Pain” may seem out of reach for the average Joe, a dedicated sex space (or “man cave”) is within reach of everyone with a little bit of cash. According to Sheldon’s fantasy in “The Big Bang Theory,” Penny and Leonard turned one of their bedrooms into a playground. A dungeon may include a wide variety of features, but it will often also be tailored to the couple’s needs.

For what Intimate Purpose Should One Hire a Sexual Dungeon?

Most folks don’t have the resources to turn any old room into a dungeon. For several reasons, including limited living quarters and the need for personal alone, this may be a luxury few can afford. Sex dungeons are now available for hourly, overnight, weekend, and extended stays as BDSM gains popularity. There are several benefits to using this approach. Those who have never tried one before might do so in peace to experiment with their sexual desires. A leased room also provides access to amenities such as furnishings and entertainment options that you would not have at your residence. It’s a great way to find out quickly and cheaply if something is a hit or a miss before shelling out serious cash. Dungeons are also remote and private, so you may go exploring without worrying about being seen. Because of the unusual circumstances, you won’t have to cope with the usual inhibitions.