Diamond Wedding Bands For Women- Two Popular Settings

Diamond wedding bands speak volumes about the eternal bond between a man and his wife. Exquisite and grand, a diamond wedding band stands as a pledge of love and commitment between the newlywed couple. In these times of active social media participation, this will be termed “couple goals”. The wedding bands generally come with a line of glittering identical diamonds evenly cut and set, thus making it appear beautiful and appealing. Diamond wedding bands for women are similar to eternity rings in nature and appearance. They not only profess the undying love for a partner but appear evenly glittering.

Sometimes, the diamond wedding bands for women come paired with an engagement ring. Hence, choose a metal that will complement the other ring. Going for a style that pairs well with another ring is imperative. Otherwise, it may become impossible to wear on your finger. Ring size is another issue that needs to be decided before ordering a diamond ring. In case of size issues, it can be difficult to adjust later when the diamonds are set on the metal band. Picking the perfect setting is essential. Otherwise, the precious little stones might chip and realize your worst nightmare of falling from the band.

Pave Diamond Wedding Bands

The pave diamond setting, as we all know, is a wonderful setting that appears luxe and is expensive. If you feel that an entire band is being too expensive for you, you might choose a half diamond band for your wife. In the latter style, the upper portion of the band will have diamonds set on it. So, the word has its origin from the French term “pa-vay” which means paving the beautiful look. In this setting, the evenly cut diamond pieces are set close together on a metal band in which the prongs holding the pieces are almost invisible. The paved effect is breathtakingly beautiful. It creates a continuous line of sparkle. It is a chic as well as safe setting for your precious diamonds. For people who love understated jewelry items, this is also for them.

The Channel Diamond Setting for Wedding Bands

The channel is a beautiful and flamboyant setting for diamonds on a wedding band. As the name suggests, the stones are placed between 2 strips of metal and set in a row evenly throughout the metal band. It is a safe setting for little pieces of shiny diamonds emanating an unmatched glitter. It is an amazing choice for people, especially those who are active. Diamonds rarely fall out of a channeled piece. Even though this is one of the most beautiful and safest settings, it is the hardest to resize. Keeping it clean is difficult because of the proximity of the stones to each other. It is indeed a beautiful choice and considered quite simple by many. It is an elegant design that is a little less eye-catching than a pave setting.

So, choose the one after your heart.