Buying Diamond Anniversary Bands: Rules To Follow!

Diamonds are forever! Well, you just cannot beat this saying. Moreover, a diamond happens to be her best friend too. It is time to renew your vows, for you may likely have not followed your own words too faithfully. You may not be tempted to go overboard and hand her the most beautiful diamond resembling a rock now. However, it is okay to opt for a diamond-encrusted band similar to the wedding band but holds more meaning right now.

When should you place the beautiful band on her finger and rejoice at the sight? Ask your favorite jeweler, and you will come to know that there are no hard and fast rules about gifting diamond anniversary bands. You may watch her eyes shine when you bring out the beautiful band that dazzles and appears bewitching. It may be the first anniversary, the 3rd, or the 5th. Time will flow past as your union grows stronger with each anniversary. A look at the age-old beliefs will have you stupefied. What? You are entitled to gift her with a diamond on the occasion of the 6th marriage anniversary. Do you want to put it off so far? Forget the convention and buy the magnificent band as and when the desire strikes you.

Unfortunately, you will be spoilt for choice once asks for a band embellished with diamonds. It is okay to go with your instincts and opt for a single diamond or settle for accent stones that shine enticingly. The other things to keep in mind when you want to give your better half the best band available include the following:-

Get her a band that matches her wedding or engagement ring, whichever one she is wearing now. There is no harm in stacking the rings especially when she is not too active with her hands.

Go for a pave band wherein the tiny diamonds are set securely in the metal, thus eliminating the chance of loss.

Go for a solitaire diamond highlighted by accent stones if you are feeling magnanimous. A pavé halo setting will give the illusion of fire encircling the petite finger. It is definite to capture attention big time. Go ahead and grab it up if money is no constraint right now.

You may want to gift her with an eternity ring that doubles up as an anniversary gift too. The identical diamonds that go all around the band; stand as a promise to stay together until eternity. Seal such a vow with the classic diamond anniversary band. It will become the most talked-about object in the years to come.

Ask for the shared prong setting to bestow equal attention on both the diamonds. It will add to the sparkle, thus giving her a cause to rejoice. She will find it easy to sell the diamonds for the right value when the times are not too good.

Traditional diamond anniversary bands have tiny micro-pave diamonds running halfway around the metallic band. It signifies that there is a lot of ground to cover yet. Besides, she will not have the prongs or tip of the diamonds prick her fingers always.

Anniversary bands are not sacrosanct nor are they a must-have. However, gifting an anniversary band embellished with diamonds will strengthen the bond between you, thus causing you to cherish the precious time spent together.