Brown Fused Alumina For Precision Applications

Brown fused alumina is factory-made from the electric arc furnacing and modification of bauxite ore. The brown fused alumina micro grits are processed into exact particle sizes for specific abrasive applications. FEPA-sized aluminium micro grits are well suited for good grit grinding wheels, brake lining fillers, and general industrial requests such as deburring, dropping and polishing compounds. Micro-graded Alundum micro grits are optimal for the precision lapping of metals, optical glasses, and semiconductor device parts. It is also extensively used in miniature blasting and also in surface preparation applications. Now you can alter your grinding, blasting, overlapping, and polishing processes by applying high-performing abrasive grains from our Materials. Our products have expert excellence and accept no substitutes.

Properties of brown fused alumina

Brown fused alumina is a non-disposable abrasive and is based on aluminium oxide.

Characteristics of brown fused alumina

It is non-metallic
It is highly versatile
It has a very high-quality
It is multifunctional
It has a high specific weight
It is very hard
It has a low-dust
It is sharp-edged and highly abrasive
It is iron-free for stainless and superior steel as well as non-ferrous metals
It is used for compressed air jet technology
Uses of brown fused alumina

It is used as non-disposable abrasives in both mobile and stationary compressed air structures.
It has a high service life due to its hardness and viscosity. The High specific weight guarantees a high stock removal rate and its surface roughness.
It has a Low dust dry blasting than when used through abrasives.
It is suitable for blasting work on alloy steel, special steel, and wood due to its no iron content.
Applications of brown fused alumina:

It is used for Resin Boned and Vitrified Abrasives such as Cutting Wheel and Grinding Wheel etc.
It is used for Coated Abrasives like Abrasive Belts, Sheets, etc.
It is used for Wet and Dry Blasting Media.
It is used for Grinding, Lapping, and Polishing Media.