Advantages of EVE NG Server

A PC or a server should be chosen after weighing a number of factors. The particular needs and circumstances greatly influenced the PC. Instead of spending money on a separate server and desktop PC, chose to create a sturdy desktop PC that could accommodate all of the needs. We can pool the computing resources as a result and save money. Although a server might have been a better choice in some ways, given the particular needs and situation, a desktop PC made the most sense.

EVE Community vs. Pro: NG

Ultimately, the eve ng server user’s specific requirements and goals will dictate whether they select EVE-NG Community or Pro. For simple network emulation and small labs, the Community edition might be sufficient, but for larger, more complex labs, the Pro version may be required.

The Pro licence is used for a number of reasons, including support for docker and hot-link swaps. Because EVE-NG is used so frequently for experiments and blogs, the cost is fully justified.

VMware Workstation Pro

Even though cisco csr 1000v download free EVE-NG can be set up on VMWare Player, buy the Pro license. While Workstation Pro is designed to operate many virtual machines simultaneously, it is only designed to run a single graphical virtual machine. Workstation Pro also allows for virtual networking setup and cloning. Start with the player and go up to the pro as needed.

What can I build with this configuration?

We never had any resource issues when conducting a lot of trials on PC, as PC has very successfully run laboratories with a variety of Linux virtual machines, two ISE nodes, Cisco FMC, Nexus, Junos, and more. Even while running al the multiple resource-demanding apps concurrently, the PC never slowed down or had any type of difficulties keeping up.