3 Reasons To Invest In A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The round diamond is a traditional shape that has remained in vogue for centuries. From royalties to successful professionals and happy brides, there is no individual left to appreciate the aura of the round diamond. Indeed the round shape looks appropriate when placed on any finger, whether slender or thick. Moreover, when its brilliance overshadows other diamonds, this round brilliant cut diamond has multitudes rooting in favor.

Never hesitate to choose between a round diamond with the highest brilliance and any other offbeat shape. Place your money on the former for its popularity will outlast the others. Why put added emphasis on the word brilliant when asking for a round diamond? Well, you will be interested to learn that this particular cut allows the maximum amount of light in and reflects it in all possible directions. The result is pretty dazzling.

Check the technicality behind achieving such an effect, and you will come to learn that this round diamond consists of 58 facets that form a conical shape on the gemstone surface. The highest quality of brilliance gets achieved when all the facets reflect light through the table. Fire and brilliance go hand in hand here. You will covet the instant you set your eyes on it.

Well, should you spend so much money on a round brilliant cut diamond when you can buy bigger diamonds for an equal amount of money? Think about the many reasons that make the round diamond one of the most desirable ones in the world. You will be excited to know that the round brilliant cut diamond is:-

Hugely Popular- This cut has been popular for a considerable period possible. It is rare to find the round cut with awesome brilliance missing from an array of engagement rings. However, the supply remains undiminished, and you will be able to source one that looks and feels right. The pricing may be competitive as each jeweler is vying with the other. Do take note of the four Cs before assenting to one that captures your attention.

Very Versatile- You think of a design, and the round-shaped diamond with extraordinary brilliance will fit the bill. You may set it as a solitaire ring or wear it surrounded by a cluster of micro pave stones. Pair it with other colored diamonds to design a three-stone ring. The round diamond is sure to stand out from the rest given its sheer brilliance. You will not have any misgivings while adding this beautiful diamond to a pair of earrings or shaping it in the form of a pendant. It will match perfectly with every setting making you look pretty.

Flawless- No! The round brilliant cut diamond cannot be bereft of any flaws. However, its flaws can be hidden pretty well with crown facets and the mounting consisting of metallic prongs placed suitably. No one will be able to discover the defects unless they are bang in the center of the stone or are too numerous to be hidden.

Go ahead and invest in a round brilliant cut diamond. It will provide you with good value for money.