Our best Rentals for Trade Show and Exhibition Booths

Rentals for trade shows and exhibits for businesses that are new to exhibiting or that only occasionally visit trade shows or renting a booth is a great alternative to buying one. If you like to change your appearance frequently and on a budget, renting is a fantastic option. For any size rental option, we can create any look and feel you need to represent your business.

If there is a desire in purchasing the display after the rental period is over, a portion of the rental fee will be applied towards the cost of the display, reducing the overall cost of the purchase.

Options for renting multi-level double deck exhibits!

Our skilled staff closely collaborates with you to develop a las vegas trade show exhibit rentals that are practical, appealing, and created to entice prospective customers to learn more about your services, whether you choose to rent or purchase. We are a relationship-driven business that is eager to work with you to jointly provide the best solutions for your trade show marketing requirements.

Turnkey Exhibit Rentals from Your Source

It can be intimidating to display at an event because of all the changes that have occurred in recent years. Budget cutbacks, following new rules, and operating in smaller spaces are challenges our team is familiar with. In addition to lowering our rates, we have updated all exhibit rental packages to comply with hygienic standards.

Your trade show booth leasing is completely handled by us. Your booth is supplied turnkey, from designing to shipping, building, and disassembling and you only need to appear at your event.

We are your go-to source for trade show booths because it leads the field in exhibit design, last-minute booth rentals, and award-winning exhibits that stick out from the competition. Reach out to us and let’s get started if you’re looking to hire any trade show booth!